Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tutorial /Pretty lace trim & ribbon Christmas baubles

Had a lovely weekend putting up the Christmas decorations. Made some orange pomanders for the first time and also added some little pretty touches to some baubles I bought which I wanted to share so here we go - 

Please click 'read more' for the tutorial!

What you will need

  • Baubles of your choice
  • Thin ribbon
  • lace trim
  • glue gun or glue of your choice
  • scissors
  • Hot drink of your choice (optional)
Firstly I threaded my ribbon through the loop at the top of the bauble and cut the ribbon to the right length I wanted and then tied a knot at the top. 

I trimmed the ribbon tails right to the knot and then moved the knot down to the bauble leaving behind a loop.
Now you want to cut off some more ribbon and tie a bow, preferably around the knot, hiding it.
Next I measured my lace trim around the bauble and cut where the ends met.
Now you want to apply the glue of your choice to the trim I used my glue gun for a few but once I ran out of glue sticks I just used regular PVC glue and that worked fine also. Apply trim to bauble and voila you're done!
Ready to hang on your tree!


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